Better safe than sorry.

Mom has been experiencing atrial fibrillation, or rapid heart rate. We’ve been working with a cardiologist at OHVI. The medication has not been working so the doctor scheduled an ultrasound. The day of the appointment rolled around and I loaded Mom and Dad up in my car and we headed off to the clinic.

We roll up to the front door and find a wheelchair for Mom. If you have been to any medical clinic lately you know the wheelchairs are getting larger and larger. I have Continue reading “Better safe than sorry.”


Welcome to my blog. This is a place for me but I hope it also becomes a place for you. Writing has always been a solace for me, reflecting my mood and allowing me to process often jumbled thoughts…sometimes through humor, sometimes through tears, always from my heart. On this page, and the pages to follow, there will be irreverence, sincerity, inappropriate thoughts, honesty, bad language, recipes, memes, photos of alcohol and real life as seen through my eyes.

I hope that as you read this you will laugh, ponder, nod your head in understanding, shake your head in consternation and realize that you are not alone. We all have our own stories, our own perspective, our own value system…and guess what? That is OK.